You are invited to the 2023 YMA Ball Brawl – an epic dodgeball tournament featuring the best of the Canadian youth media industry battling for the 2023 title of YMA Dodgeball Champion!

You are invited to use this activity to network and as a team-building event for you and your colleagues. More than 100 people from the industry gather in a friendly competition mostly to have fun!

All are welcome to join – come compete or just cheer on your favourite teams! Enjoy delicious stadium-style meals and snacks, icy cold drinks from the bar and court-side must-haves from the snack bar!

There will be two events – one in Toronto and one in Montreal, details below. Special thanks to Sinking Ship Entertainment for co-producing this event with us!

This year, in addition to playing dodgeball, the teams will be challenged to a Team Flag and Cheer contests. In addition, teams will be able to buy a Rematch challenge and to buy a Play with a Pro opportunity. Read below for more detail.

The 2023 Champions

The YMA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Ball Brawl Tournament in Toronto: @spinmaster THE WRECKING BRAWLERS. Congratulations!

It was a close competition as the final champions were determined by in an overtime elimination 2 minutes sprint. Came in 2nd place: @9storymediagroup THE BROWN BAG BRUTES and in 3rd place: EPIC STORY MEDIA. A total of 16 teams participated in a very friendly competition, networking and team-building event. See you next year!

The winners of the Flag and Cheer Contest was 9Story Media’s THE BROWN BAG BRUTES. Jury were seven emerging talent volunteers from the Toronto area. This contest was new this year. It brought up the team-building component of the event. Teams made outstanding performances throughout the evening.

There were 16 teams registered for a total of 128 participants, over 150 in attendance.

Considering the hard times our industry is going through, the YMA raised a total of $800, a light profitable event that brings more fun to all while contributing to its mission. The YMA is a non-profit charitable organization.

Thank you to our sponsors Pizza Pizza Creemore Brewer/Six Pints and Escape Manor.

This a MUST for all to attend next year!


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Plan ahead practice sessions on your own at your local park. Looking to get that extra edge? Watch the videos below prior to the event in which experts, referees and pros will share tips, tricks, and strategies. On the tournament day, priority will be given to matches thus practice time may be limited.


4:30 p.m. Welcome / 5: p.m. Food & Beverage Distribution / 5:30 p.m. Team Flag & Chant Contest / 6:00 p.m. Tournament / 9:45 p.m. Closing Ceremony

Sept. 7th, 2023,
Kerr Hall, Upper Gym
Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson)
379 Victoria Street M5B 1W7
* Diamond Staircase – NW corner Gerrard / Nelson Mandela Walk

Sept. 27, 2023,
YMCA Centre-ville
1435 rue Drummond,. Montreal, H3G 1W4

Team registration fee is $375 for a team of 6-8 members  of which 1 team captain, players on court, 1 substitute. A team must be at least of 6 players on the court to play. Gender diversity required with a min. 80%:20% ratio. Two women must play on court per game. Companies may register multiple teams! For example one per department e.g. Accounting, HR, IT can all have distinctive teams in one company.

Included in your registration fees is one meal per team member, composed of one pizza slice, one beer, and others. There will be no choice of pizza varieties, nor any possible substitutions.

Extra food and drinks will be available to purchase via meal ticket sold at the registration desk: $10 per extra pizza slice, $10 for extra beer. CASH ONLY. 

This event strive to be an environmentally responsible event thus BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE to refill.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: August 26th, 2023 for Toronto and Sept.. 14 for Montreal
Registrations are closed
Click on “Buy Tickets” and then follow instructions

Once registered, send via email :
Team’s Name, Team’s members’ name including the Captain’s name and Substitute’s name. If you are missing a team member’s name, please enter the ‘Name to come”. You have until August 26 to send the missing names.
The YMA will contact you to confirm to the Captain your team’s registration, and he/she will be the main contact to pass along tournament specifics information to the rest of the team members. A waver will have to be signed by each team member to be able to play.

Questions? Write to



Each team is to create a team flag that will paraded at the opening ceremony. It should be something fun and colorful that embodies the spirit of your  team but of your company values as well. It can be made from any material and should not be smaller then 36×25 inches and should keep a rectangular shape mounted on a flagpole


  • Must include team name
  • Use minimum 2-3 basic colors
  • No profanity or offensive language

Judges will score flags while watching the flag entrance at the opening ceremony and how teams use its flags during the evening to cheer up its members. Judging will be based on the following, but not limited to: message or theme, design, team’s usage of flag throughout the evening, etc. Judge decision is final. No appeal allowed.


Teams are invited to create a team cheer that represents your team character and company attitude. Make it loud, proud, and positive! Cheers are meant to get fans into the game, so have fun with it!


  • Can pull from all kinds of inspiration such as remixing pop songs
  • Make it catchy
  • Do not offend the opposing teams and their players. Keep it respectful
  • No A/V support nor background music shall be used
  • Can add some movement such as clapping, and stomping
  • No profanity or offensive language

Judges will score the team chant during the evening as teams cheer up its members. Judging will be based on the following, but not limited to: message or theme, design, team’s usage of chant throughout the evening, etc. Judge decision is final. No appeal allowed.


The winning team will be announced at the closing ceremony. Winning team must be present at the closing ceremony. A prize for the team flag and team chant may be two distinct prizes or be combined depending on sponsors participation.


A team may buy ONE rematch opportunity during the evening (one only due to a significant number of matches to be played). This will serve as a team’s last chance to replay and to get your win. The losing team will have a chance to buy for $100 for one replay for the exact same game, which means they must convince the winning team to replay the match. In the semi-final and final matches, the rematch will not be possible. This option can be purchased at registration and then used on any matchup of their choice, or it can be purchased the night of as well. If a team does not use its rematch, the fees paid will be considered a donation to the YMA, thus no refund.


If your team needs that extra boost you can pay $100 to have a Pro dodgeball player play on your team for ONE game (one game only due to a significant number of request). They can be used in any capacity that team may need. There can only be 1 Pro per match up per court. In the semi-final and final matches, the Play with the Pro option will not be possible.  This option can be purchased at registration and then used on any matchup of their choice, or it can be purchased the night of as well. This option is subject to change depending on the availability of professionals.


The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them “OUT”. We are using a simple rule format in which the games will last 5 minutes.  Uniforms will not be provided – instead we encourage teams to make their own t-shirts. 

This is a just a sample of the rules and we suggest that you get familiar with the them ahead of time,.



These videos are suggest to help players prepare for the tournament. Some rules and specifications may be different e.g. 4 balls will be uses and not 6 as in the video.