The YMA Thérèse-Pinho Scholarship will honour the memory of kids content producer Thérèse Pinho, who passed away in October 2016. Thérèse had worked for 25 years in kids television at TFO and Pixcom, producing quality content that had a positive impact on the industry and on children’s lives.

The YMA Thérèse-Pinho Scholarship aims to encourage children’s media creators to learn about multiplatform writing through an intensive workshop to be held at Pixcom in Montreal. Each year, the scholarship will give three to five French-speaking scriptwriters, directors or producers currently working in kids media in Canada the chance to work with industry experts for two days (videogames, interactive experience, webseries, AR, VR, podcast, social media content). Workshop fees as well as travel and lodging expenses for participants living outside Montreal will be covered.

This scholarship is now CLOSED/TERMINATED.

About Thérèse Pinho

Stricken by cancer, Thérèse Pinho passed away at the age of 50. Thérèse worked in television for some thirty years, the last fifteen at Pixcom, where she was a producer and successfully directed numerous series. Among her many credits are the cult children's series Banzaï !, Kaboum, Les Pieds dans la marge, Les Argonautes and Code Max. Her love of and interest in young people knew no bounds. The characters she created will live on in the imaginations of hundreds of thousands of young people in Quebec and beyond.

Thérèse was both a great creator and an energetic, passionate leader, full of love and intelligence. She will be remembered for her joie de vivre, her eternal thirst for adventure and discovery, her openness and generous sensitivity.


The YMA Thérèse-Pinho Scholarship is an initiative supported by the following partners: Pixcom, Groupe Média TFO, Radio-Canada and Télé-Québec.


Past Recipients

Montreal, March 30, 2020 – The Youth Media Alliance (YMA) is pleased to congratulate and present the eight recipients of the YMA Thérèse-Pinho Scholarship, which is now in its third edition: Eric Baril (screenwriter and director), Josiane Blanc (screenwriter, director), David Bourgeois (screenwriter), Sony Carpentier (director, screenwriter), Marie-Eve Larivière (screenwriter), Marie-Andrée Picard (screenwriter), Émilie Poirier (director) and Wanda Jemly (director and producer).

Due to the physical distancing measures and constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the training will be postponed to a date that has yet to be determined. The winning candidates for this third edition are from Montreal, the National Capital Region (Ottawa), Toronto and Vancouver.



The six 2019 recipients of the YMA Thérèse-Pinho Scholarship were: Paméla Bisson (producer, director, and writer), Geneviève Brault (director), Pascal Chevarie (writer), Camille Lam (director), Émilie Martel (director, producer and writer) and Marijo Meunier (writer). 




The first six recipients of the YMA Thérèse-Pinho Scholarship 2018 were: Félix Descheneaux (Producer, digital media), Isabelle A. Girard (Scriptwriter-Director), Lisa Sfriso (Scriptwriter-Director), Nadia Campbell (Scriptwriter), Sarah Lalonde (Scriptwriter and author) and Yohann Thiou (Scriptwriter).